2013 Ford Escape

The all-new 2013 Ford Escape will be based off Ford’s European Kuga. When production of the current Escape stops in 2012 production of this global platform will begin in Louisville, Kentucky. Not only will it be built in the states for the North American market, but for export for Europe and other markets. Many different configurations will be available, including a new more efficient hybrid Escape. We should be seeing the 2013 Ford Escape at American dealerships in the fall of 2012.

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This will be the first Ford SUV in America that will be on this platform. It will be of higher quality and the fit and finish. This will follow in the Focus’s high quality footsteps.

2013 Ford Escape Photos

2013 Ford Escape Specs

MSPR: $20,000(est)

2.0-liter I4

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

6-speed auto

Curb weight
3550 lbs

Length: 175 in
Wheel base: 106 in
Width: 73 in
Height: 67 in

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