2015 Ford Ranger

There is still much speculation on when/if the Ford Ranger will be making its comeback in the US market. We believe that it will be coming back for several reasons. When the old model of the Ranger was being produced, there was not much difference in fuel economy between it and the larger F-150. However in the past decade big improvements have been made in small engines that have increased power and economy. Pricing was another point that was similar between the two trucks. For a few thousand more one could purchase the larger F-150. If a true global platform Ranger was brought to the States it could be produced for far less because of the economies of scale.

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American’s taste in vehicles has changed too over the years. There is a growing demand for a smaller truck due to rising fuel costs and the middle class moving back into the cities where large trucks are difficult to maneuver. Many of the compact trucks on the market are near the end of their product life cycle, which we feel would make a new model a success.

For a new Ford Ranger to hit our shores a new global model would need to be produced. The current global Ranger model is too close in size to the American Ford F-150. In the coming 2 years we believe we will be seeing a 2015 Ford Ranger on the market.

2015 Ford Ranger Photos

2015 Ford Ranger Specs*

MSPR: $19,500(est)

1.6-liter turbo-direct-injected EcoBoost
Horsepower: 190
Torque: 225

7-speed automatic
6-speed manual

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

Curb weight
3500 lbs

Length: 180 in
Wheel base: 111 in
Width: 68 in
Height: 65 in


*Specifications are predicted and not actual

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