2015 Jeep Cherokee

The old Jeep Cherokee was a loved but boxy SUV that was not the most aerodynamic design. However when the 2014 Jeep Cherokee came out it was a great departure from what it once was. Many feel the designers went too far with the design and it has not been well received. For 2015 we expect to see a minor facelift taming down the design.

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Now the Jeep Liberty was the replacement for the Cherokee and even that had an odd design. Over the years though in the second generation of the Liberity, Jeep managed to go back to the winning design formula of past Jeep Cherokee. Now we don’t think Jeep will go back to the purely boxy design, but expect some more ridged headlights for 2015.



MSPR: $24,000(est)

2.4L I4
Horsepower: 184
Torque: 171

9-Speed Automatic

Front Suspension
Strut suspension
Coil spring

Rear Suspension
Multi-link rear suspension
anti-roll bar
Coil springs

Curb weight
3800 lbs

Length: 182 in
Wheel base: 106 in
Width: 73 in
Height: 66 in

*Specifications are predicted and not actual

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