2013 Ram Cargo Van

Currently Ram has no cargo work vans in its lineup, however this should be changing in 2013. The Dodge Sprinter was the last large cargo van Chrysler made which was back in 2009. Now that Mercedes and Chrysler have parted ways they need to fill this gap. Luckily, Chrysler’s new partnership with Fiat can yield a new large cargo van. The Fiat Ducato, a large panel van similar to the Mercedes Sprinter will be offered in the States as a Ram product. Standard should be a 3.0 liter diesel engine which should achieve 20mpg highway.

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This new panel van will be produced in Mexico along side of the Ram trucks that are built there. The 2013 Ram Cargo Van should compete well against the dated offerings from GM. Ford will also be bringing over its own European cargo van in 2014.

2013 Ram Cargo Van Photos

2013 Ram Cargo Van Specs*

MSPR: $30,000(est)

3.0-liter Diesel
Horsepower: 180
Torque: 300

6-Speed Automatic

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

Curb weight
5500 lbs

Length: 215 in
Wheel base: 136 in
Width: 80 in
Height: 90 in

*Specifications are predicted and not actual

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