2013 Tesla Model S

The 2013 Tesla Model S will be a pure electric vehicle that will be produced in America. There will be 3 battery options which will vary in price and driving range. The base battery will be capable of traveling 160 miles at a cost of $57,400, the next level up will go 230 miles on a charge and cost $67,400, and the top of the line 300 mile battery-pack model will cost $77,400. There will also be a $7,500 tax credit which isn’t reflected in the pricing. The Model S should be able to cover 100 miles for a little over $2 in electric. In addition to being efficient, the Model S is fast. It is able to do the 0-60mph run in well under 6 seconds, and will top out at 120mph. Inside the interior will feature 2 LCD screens, one of those will be 17″ with 3D capabilities.

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The main competition for the 2013 Tesla Model S will be the 2013 Fisker Surf and Karma.The 2013 Tesla Model S will be available for purchase in the Summer of 2012.

2013 Tesla Model S Photos

2013 Tesla Model S Specs*

MSPR: $57,400(est)

375-volt AC-induction air-cooled electric motor
Horsepower: 290
Torque: 275

1-speed automatic

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension
Multi-link Suspension

Curb weight
3900 lbs

Length: 196 in
Wheel base: 110 in
Width: 78 in
Height: 51 in

*Specifications are predicted and not actual

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